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  • AurĂ©lie Dolbeau says:

    And I thought I knew a tiny bit about tea compost : “brown liquid out of the compost”. ..How wrong was I ! this is a science đŸ˜‰ super interesting

  • Tiffani Beckman-McNeil says:

    fantastic info. would teas made from manure tea bags or alfalfa tea bags be beneficial as well? I’ve made them before in 5 gallon buckets to apply to my garden.

  • Natalie Sullivan says:

    Bret, does this recipe apply to vermicompost too? I’ve been making tea with molasses and aerating for 24 hours. Is that wrong? Thanks. Really good info.

  • susan tupper says:

    did not quite understand the tea recipe – were those 4 steps to one tea or four different teas? Rather complicated and labor intensive but interesting to learn about. I like black tea so the idea of giving plants some good tea too is rather nice

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Susan, the steps are all to make one tea. The actual brew creation does not take long – I used to do 150 gallons a week and could prep it in 10 min. But once brewed actually spreading the tea via a hose did take a while (150 gallons took around 2 hours). BUT I spent that time paying attention to the plants and observing them which improved the garden because I spotted pest problems, irrigation issues, nutrient deficiencies etc while doing this. Compost tea is WELL worth the effort. Especially in areas with high organic matter, which yours likely is, you really want to INCREASE soil life to digest that organic matter in the soil.


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