Permaculture Literacy – HHA

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  • Chandra Curry says:

    It’s absolutely astounding that humanity’s economic models place no value on ecosystems, what enables all the wealth.
    I have a question for you Bret regarding flash grazing and your thoughts on that method of land regeneration?

  • Jennifer Devries says:

    This documentary lead me to take this course. So amazing !

  • Rachel Searle says:

    So good!
    I love seeing how these practices are been used on such a large scale and create massive change!

  • Lee Raynor says:

    At the end Geoff says that the problem is now beyond just regenerating our land one backyard at a time, it’s a global, large scale problem and we need to take responsibility as a species. And that we are adding 1 billion people to our planet every 12 years blew my mind. Such an inspiring documentary

  • susan tupper says:

    loved the documentary.


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