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  • Tiffani Beckman-McNeil says:

    the last few lessons I haven’t been able to click on a star to rate it, but I’d definitely give this one 5 stars! very important information in our California fire zone!

  • susan tupper says:

    I had to do a Botany unit to get a teaching credential and that was when I first learned about some plants actually needing fire to germinate – like the redwoods, pines, and eucalyptus! It was eye-opening and yes, very pertinent here in California to know what to do! Then I went to visit dad in Fiji and across the grass hill (denuded of its original trees) a fire descended too close to the house. What served as his fire break were the ginger flower shrubs and banana trees he had planted along the border of his property. They are very wet plants and so killed that grass fire but I was really nervous and remember thinking that it was rather crazy to be having fires in the wet and humid tropics but they do get periods of drought too!


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