Hi, and thanks for the interest in High Sierra Permaculture!

I’m Bret and I am High Sierra Permaculture – a guy steeped in permaculture knowledge.  I am excited to share this knowledge with you to help you improve your property, your environment and inherently your quality of life.

My experience ranges from small organic farms to homesteads and community style properties. In addition, I have my Permaculture Design Certification. So I am not really a farmer, or a landscaper or a sustainability expert. I am somewhere in the middle of all of those.

This means that I can provide a special and unique perspective and skill set when it comes to approaching your project; one from a holistic approach of harmony between all aspects of land management, the aesthetics, food, functionality, the degree of maintenance, level of sustainability etc.


Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Taken at Practical Permaculture in Rough & Ready, CA, this PDC was centered around educating permaculture for the western Sierra foothills  and similar climates.

Taught by Cathe’ Fish, a permaculture teacher since 1987 and a master gardener.

Advanced Surveying & Earthworks PDC

Taken with Siskiyou Permaculture in Ashland Oregon; this Permaculture Design Course was focused on surveying, mapping, forestry, watersheds, key line, earthworks, road construction, pond design, water harvesting swale design and more.

Tom Ward (aka Hazel) has been teaching permaculture since the 1970’s; before the word permaculture was even coined.

Ecological Landscaper Immersion

A 6 month course at the Permaculture Skills Center in regenerative land design and development covering all aspects of permaculture design and installation.

Our teaching staff included: Erik Ohlsen, Toby Hemmenway (author of Gaia’s Garden), Brock Dolman and more.