Home Sweet Home

Oak Meadows Homestead was our blank canvas to design, build and experiment with permaculture principles and techniques from start to finish – 30 bare acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills for us to design and build an ecological regenerative farm.

At The Heart of It

It is a homestead style permaculture farm providing our family with food, our animals with food and our neighbors with food – doing so in ways that are regenerative and not destructive to the environment. It is a practice site, exploring how to do agriculture, while recognizing that annuals do have their place in feeding humans.

Seven Generations

Our feeling is that the solution to the worlds problems are foundĀ in the connection to land and food through the regenerative model that permaculture frames for us. This is of course a learning curve and is a step by step process to get from where we are today, wherever that may be, to a slightly more sustainable, regenerative and resilient tomorrow. Here we hold in our hearts the native peoples wisdom of looking forward 7 generations to question steps we take here and now.

A Recycled Journey

What does it mean to have what you need to be comfortable yet not deplete environmental resources buy purchasing new items? How can we get by on less to have more time to farm and explore permaculture? It is a lifelong journey going from people who had every comfort they needed to learning what they can do without, what doesn’t need to be bought new and how to enjoy less to see how much more there really is.