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  • Carol Yip says:

    Looks like i will need to wear contacts! I think can see my hands but they are a blur as it is beyond where my glasses cover. This was a great exercise to practice!

  • Amber Miller says:

    Is anyone else here operating with a reduced sense and how does that affect your observations? I’m legally blind. Spotted the gorilla, lost count of the passes, but thought someone went missing at the end. πŸ™‚

  • Laurel Sundberg says:

    Right on! Fun to be applying this. I get to practice this a lot leading/teaching hikes at a nature center. Looking forward to using in landscape mapping.

    Try this same activity at night. Color vision is light dependent. So at night its pretty useless. Our cone cells sense color, rods sense motion. Let your eyes acclimate in the dark 5-10 minutes. Then try letting your rod (motion) cells take over by not using your central focus. Just soften focus and rely on rods picking up movement from the periphery. It’s wild!

    Re owls: owls eyes are huge because the rod cells take way more space then cone cells. They’ve traded motion for color vision. They don’t have space for muscle attachments. This is the case even in diurnal raptors. It’s not as pronounced, but their eyes are still too big for muscles in the eye socket. The trade off is they all have 14 cervical vertebrae to our 7. Pretty cool to watch them incorporate head/body movement to key in on prey.

  • aurora casarez says:

    I loved this exercise! It’s reinforced constantly in concert band, having to focus on more than one thing in more than one place…I never thought it would come into play in my day to day life, but here I am πŸ™‚

  • Diana Furlong says:

    I’ve got owl eyes! A driving instructor once told me that women generally have better peripheral vision than men.
    Who knows if that’s true!

    Found this though…loved the link back to the ‘hunter gatherer’ roles mentioned in this article.

  • Molly Bouffard says:

    Great exercise, especially the point about our other senses following our eyes. Probably also important to practice having your eyes closed, too, and noticing what else comes to the forefront.

  • Laci says:

    I’ve always had fairly decent peripheral vision so seeing my hands right out the gate didnt surprise me BUT what i didnt necessarily notice was the details above & below so that will be areas that i need to work on. I also noticed the i could see my right hand easier than my left, which is interesting to me.
    I’ll be doing this exercise more!

  • Zach Hunt says:

    Fun exercise! It’s something I have some practice in but will have to keep working on. I have to remind myself to look up!

  • Patrick Sant says:

    Great exercise to do, I have actually done this before as enjoy photography and often have to remind my children to stop and look at the world around them. Really useful lesson

  • Rachael Halstead says:

    This was super interesting for me personally … I am very observant but my partner always says I have tunnel vision . I never thought about it much, I thought it was just normal to me…I didn’t know you could exercise/improve it!
    Can’t wait to practice this tomorrow once its daylight!

  • Angela Martin says:

    This is a skill we have worked on for almost 3 years now in our Kung Fu studies. I have found I do great to the sides and down, but less of a “wide angle” up. It seems that this may be beneficial when assessing an area in regards to how a source could cause an action or multiple actions all at the same time in different areas.

  • Eric Sheley says:

    I feel like this is something I have been doing for a long time. I am a hunter and am always using the wide angle vision while in the field. It is so important to know what is going on all around me. I am excited that this is an important part of permaculture so I can use it and develop it even more! Thanks!

  • Heather Cahill says:

    That was neat! I have several sit spots in my yard and I constantly look around and notice the life on our property but I definitely don’t have owl eyes. Now I have something new to practice. I love it! Thank you for the new perspective! I am really enjoying the lessons!

  • Sean Fountain says:

    The “static” statement got in there 3 times, looks like an edit that wasn’t fully completed?

    Was pleased to see my fingers on the first go! Didn’t notice all the movements in your video even until after doing the exercise though.


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