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  • Lorraine Ciccarelli says:

    Living in a NY apartment, I tend to notice more how I walk as to not sound like I’m stomping all over the place to my downstairs neighbors and working in the industry I do, I have to be almost like a ninja when i move. I’ll be more mindful of how I’m stepping tho and excited to be in some nature where I can fully implement this.

  • Laci says:

    As I was watching this video I couldn’t help but think that most patents of a baby or small child probably instinctively do the fox walk when thieir cnild is napping lol. I haven’t been able to put this exercise into action outside yet, though i fully intend to, but i’ve found myself randomly fox walking through the house to see how quiet i can be. Old squeaky floors are not my friend lol but I’m defintiely more aware of how i’m walking around. If I can’t sneak away to do this exercise on my own then i’m gona convince my husband and my 4yo to do it with me.

  • Katie Kennington says:

    I think I was born a fox walker!! We joke about it but my husband and I are very quiet about everything…from walking to turning on lights. I love this lesson. So many people do barrel through life. Walking quietly is so awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Cat Train says:

    I’ll be honest, when I watched this video I didn’t understand why I would get an ahha moment. But I did! I had no idea how noisy a walker I was!! Even in my waterproofs on a Scottish forest floor covered in crispy leaves, walking like this, I was almost silent and I could hear the birds again. Quite a contrast when I started walking normally again!

  • Amanda Koza says:

    As I am still working on getting my normal walking back to normal I find attempting to walk this way extremely painful and hard to do. Thankfully tired it first in my home where I can grab onto something to help my balancing. just a few steps and I know it will be a problem for me to do in a natural area with nothing for support when my leg lets go,

  • Angela Martin says:

    This type of walking feels very odd. I did give it a try in my space and what I found is that it was difficult for me to do for very long. I have cracked all the small bones in the top of both of me feet and they started to become very tired (not so much sore) feeling. I also have hurt both knees and the rolling of the foot from out to in did start to bother them. I am a toe walker (Kind of like the old cartoons where Elmer Fudd sneaks) and will walk from toe to heel or not even fully reaching my heel. I also use Thai Chi walking (heel to toe, working on short almost 45 degree angled steps while keeping the body level). I did find that I became pretty confident in not needing to look down even in the short period of time I was able to do it while using my expanded sight “eyes”.


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