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  • susan tupper says:

    I think the myth is more about the degree of wildness there is or how manipulated by humans the land is (natural balance is lost when we compare the human population now as compared to the native American days). I do believe lands like national parks should be available and set aside for the mere reason that humans are way too destructive in general due to a greed factor we cannot seem to shake off. I was never much for city dwelling but I remember someone saying cities are good, for they concentrate humanity in one spot, and thus leave the rest to be as natural as possible. After that, I started viewing cities differently. It is funny too that there will always be those who could understand all there is about ecosystems and the inter-relationships but would never consider being that close to the earthiness of it all as they prefer sterile environments and the mere thought of being up close to fungi and worms gives them the creeps. The idea that we cannot separate ourselves is dawning though simply because we see what desertification, global warming, and piles of rubbish do to us. I see permaculture as that bridge to understanding that isolation works only to a point then it all crumbles and the relationships have to be enforced and practiced by those who care. I’d rather see more of the monoculture acres in the hands of corporations disintegrate into many smaller permacuture farm holdings than lose national parks because we need more lands to build on…


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