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  • Joshua Khari 'JK' Jackson says:

    Do you know of any books or websites or articles like the one you recommended that is focused on the tips purely. From what I read in the Amazon comments he talks a lot about his experiences and there’s a lot of additional information, but I’m mainly looking for a guide that gives specific things to look for in nature and how to read it.

    • Jesscy says:

      {HHA Coach} Another great way to describe reading natures signs and working in sync with her, is phenology = the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life. We use this all the time on our little farm & there are a TON of resources available. Google something like ‘resources for phenology’ or ‘tips for phenology’ & see if any of the results resonate with you!

  • Molly Bouffard says:

    I Really enjoyed this whole section so much – it was fun to try! I just got back in from a good Fox Walk practicing my Owl eyes – it was so fun I didn’t care what the people in cars driving by thought of me. As I was sitting observing the wind, I decided to do a downward dog and look up at the sky for a change of scene and (this sounds so silly) it was so eye opening that I had to do a handstand to drink it all in — this upside down world felt so unfamiliar and so glorious that I just wanted to stay like that forever. The movement of all the leaves was like being underwater and the trees were still safely keeping watch. Somehow the newness of that perspective allowed the truth of all this to sink in a little deeper and help me assimilate this new awareness of our integration with nature into my body. I think I’ve found my new morning meditations 🙂

  • Laci says:

    So is the Natural Navigator the same book as The Lost Art of Reading Nature by the same author? I know sometimes titles change when reprinted, but i was curious & also wanted to make sure that i look for the right book.

  • Sophie Craggs says:

    I love The Natural Navigator. I have owned it for years and I am excited to look through it again!


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