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  • Katie Stout says:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and resources, Bret. You are setting us up to succeed!

    I’d like to share that I recently taught a couple kombucha-making workshops, simultaneously online via Zoom and in-person, with a digital download; I also taught a composting basics and compost tea making workshop at a local Spiritual Center. I set the Spiritual Center up with a 5-gallon compost tea making system as a thank you gift for inviting me, and their garden is doing awesome!! People were so excited to learn the basics about increasing biodiversity in the soil. I’m not a science expert, and I tell people that–people love to hear from folks like them experimenting and trialing and erroring their way through material that increases our quality of life. This year was the first year we used compost tea on our plants, and we loved the results so much we felt we had to share it. You’ve given us this precious gift of knowledge to share. You guys–you can all do this! Be yourselves, share what you’ve learned and experienced, especially the “failures.” Your network and community will grow just like all those delightful soil microorganisms 😉


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