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  • Adreena Carr says:

    Great video on these five steps! I’m glad you mentioned that once we implement, it doesn’t stop there. It cycles back into observation and making adjustments accordingly – while not being too hard on yourself.

  • Laci says:

    These steps, especially emphasis on observation, really help me to not get ahead of myself. which i am prone to do. i love that i don’t feel rushed about this to quickly accomplish an end goal. In reality things like this grow and change so thinking about creating a plan that can be broken down into phases and lived with before trying to get it all done feels much less overwhelming. My brain and my heart are so ready for a slower pace. My life is a slower pace than other, intentionally so, but it can be easy to get caught up in the hurry and rush. I love this course so much already. It’s exactly what i didn’t even realize i was looking for.

  • Josie Andrews says:

    Nice clear descriptions of the 5 steps…can’t wait to start!

  • Ariel Lapointe Lamontagne says:



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