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  • Diana Furlong says:

    Doing these worksheets is going to be an eye opening experience.

  • Janese Magana says:

    Are we to fill these worksheets out and submit them?

  • Laci says:

    I think I might be misunderstanding one of the questions in the worksheet…From where you are, which direction is north? This feels like a trick question unless I’m just having an airhead moment lol…isnt the answer always north lol? I hope this isnt a dumb question, although I’m already kinda laughing at myself to ask in the first place.

    • Jesscy {HHA Coach} says:

      Hey Laci!

      No question is a dumb question. 🙂

      Yes! The answer is north…but do you know which way that is? There are folks who aren’t very direction oriented & may not know which directions are which. It sounds like you have this covered…so yes! North is north.

      Hope this helps you figure it out.

      Keep up the good work!


  • Leona Jones says:

    This was an awesome little exercise…I learned a lot about this area, from the eco friendly collecting of waste solids that are added to wood waste to create locate compost to businesses and residents, to knowing we had below average rainfall last year. Thanks

  • Jane Sears says:

    Really enjoyed going through the worksheet, I learned so much about my own land that I had never thought about.


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