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  • Laci says:

    I’ve lived near one of two rivers, which are connected, my whole life. I knew that we were effected by any rainfall or pollution etc upstream, that we effected everything downstream, & that our rivers feed into some pretty major rivers. However i never really considered how big of an area that affects. Embarass river feeds into the Wabash, then Wabash into the Ohio, & the Ohio into the Mississippi. That means our watershed stretches almost from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico!

  • Kristin Lönnsjö says:

    Do you know any link for Europe (Sweden)?

  • Penni Cowham says:

    I got my area up but no water shed showing

  • Kimberly Groome says:

    The site would only show me watersheds in USA not Canada even though Canada is on the map


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