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  • Michael Gonçalves says:

    I like the beginning. let´s go.

  • Jill Lake says:

    That makes me feel a little better that you mentioned its most likely to change and not everything can be accounted for. I’m a planner, and I’ve been looking at permaculture for a long time. I’m taking this course because I needed more confidence to start implementing it. I’ve already, just watching module 1 videos, have had so much inspiration and lightbulbs come on.

  • Cathrine Rose says:

    Are all of the lessons 2 to 4 minutes long? Or are these introductions to the lessons and am I missing the ACTUAL lessons?

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Catherine,

      No, most lessons are in the 8-20 minute range with some intro videos being just a few minutes.

      Are you accessing your course dashboard on a computer, phone or tablet?

      I made a quick video showing you exactly what you should see, when logged in on a laptop or desktop:

      Phones are more difficult to use, as you have to click “Next Lesson” at the bottom of each lesson to get to the next lesson in the module.

      Let me know!

  • Penni Cowham says:

    I’m excited

  • Jennifer Hadley says:

    It is so good to hear that I don’t have to have artistic ability to be a permaculture designer. I can envision what I want to do, but actually drawing it out was quite intimidating to me. I feel much better about it now!


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