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  • susan tupper says:

    This was great for me to get my thoughts in order instead of the haphazard jumble of all the stuff I want to do whirling around in my head! Feel like I am really starting now!

  • Xochitl Coronado says:

    This lesson was a great to really understand and write out the goals for our urban homestead business. Our goals are complex since we wish for our homestead to be in an urban setting and merge with a microgreens business. We had to set separate benchmark goals for our urban homestead versus the microgreens business. Do you advise it to be done that way? I would like to send you our holistic goals document for feedback.

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Xochitl! Overall yes I would because there are many benchmarks for the business that are unrelated to the land design. BUT if a benchmark is related, which some likely will be (infrastructure, systems etc) then I would include those. Might be things like greenhouses etc…

  • Angela Martin says:

    I found the assignment useful but for me I think I have both long term and short term goals. My short term goals are set on my large suburban lot and to lead me to my long term goals which will be on a full on homestead. A way to look at both would be helpful for me here.

    • Bret James says:

      Great question Angela – and yes there will always be short term and long term goals. There will be goals that overlap, goals that have an order and so on.

      How long will you be on the suburban lot? I would set a rough goal based off that. For example, if in 1 year you wanted to be on a different piece of land that would likely be different than if in 5 years or 10 years.

      But use that as a dividing line between two sets of goals.

      In designing my site, I had two sets of goals as well. The first set was oriented around building our yurt home to get us onto the land. The second set is around the future main home we are building.

      Let me know if that helps.

  • Jennifer Hadley says:

    This assignment really helped me to focus a lot more, in depth, about my goals; what I need to achieve them, what resources I need to attain, what resources I already have, and, most importantly, the true reasoning behind starting this whole endeavor in the first place. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Leslie Panoulias says:

    This particular exercise was wholly enjoyable and educational on a personal level.


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