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  • Diana Furlong says:

    I had deja vue on starting this lesson as I had coincidently come across this term before in a recent business course for creative designers that I did earlier on in the year. So I will be SWOTing everywhere!

  • Evon Saavedra says:

    Please see you Facebook messenger Bret. I sent my drawing there with some pictures. You mentioned a “CSA.” Could you refresh my memory what a CSA is?

  • Lorraine Ciccarelli says:

    So, just to make sure I’m kind of understanding this:

    MY SITE: the tiny previously placed 2.5×6 roof top garden
    STRENGTH: lots of sunlight, access to natural water (rain) and the soil is controlled (because it’s like a container garden).
    WEAKNESS: accessibility (it’s on the roof top of a 3 story building so getting supplies like bricks or soil or water can be a pain), harsh exposure to the elements (there’s no shade, gets sun all day/ which is also a strength), and no water faucet (so I’ll have to make sure to collect water)
    OPPORTUNITIES: it’s pretty much a blank canvas, so theres a lot of potential to grow, possible rain water harvesting
    THREAT: the city birds like to dig in the garden & the sometimes excessive wind or heavy wind gusts because of open space.

  • Patrick Sant says:

    This has really got me thinking about every aspect of my site even with individual trees. Excellent words Bret

  • Noel King says:

    Just going through my checklist of what I’ve done and realize I wasn’t sure if this one and the previous one (3.2 & 3.1) need to be turned in?

  • Isidoro Maya Agudo says:

    Hi Brett,
    I think the link is wrong, can you check it?


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