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  • Joyce Brown says:

    I had not seen this documentary before. Fantastic! It really helped me understand the lesson on nutrient & cycles.

  • Carl Gibson says:

    tremendous movie

  • Jorge Kleiss says:

    there is a fantastic film called Need to Grow ( and I thought it was incredible, I would totally recommend it. I currently own it, but when I watch it first I was able to watch it free. It focuses on soil regeneration and what many people in the US are doing about it. Talk about permaculture, and on many little steps we can all do to start improving the qualify of our soil.

  • Opalyn Brenger says:

    Curious if I am missing a lesson: this is 2.11 and I don’t see a 2.10. Please advise.
    for reference 2.9 is plant fertility

  • Janese Magana says:

    This movie was amazing! Most of my life I’ve felt a very strong connection to what the Bible says about our God given task of cultivating the earth. The last thoughts of the movie about Adam and Eve, and serving and preserving the Earth brought me to tears. I’m finally fulfilling my dream of pursuing this Godly purpose.

  • Sarah Bumpaous says:

    Wonderful movie! The way the plants farm bacteria for their own needs is amazing! Loved learning about the different farming practices as well. Very informative and interesting.

  • Diana Furlong says:

    Loved that!

  • Garry North says:

    a fundamental shift in thinking.

  • Amanda Duque says:

    I’ll never look at dirt the same way again..

  • Yamira Rivera says:

    You can watch it for free in You Tube if you don’t mind foreign subtitles. 🙂

  • Loren Vansant says:

    This was a great documentary as well. Very well done and a ton of information in it. I only rented it, but I’ll be adding it to my library.

  • Garth Field says:

    that was great, such a wealth of information n knowledge. this has changed my views on soil and the connection with nature required for all species to thrive again on this planet 🙂

  • Margaret Mangrum says:

    This is no longer available through this link. You can neither watch through prime video nor buy through the Amazon store. I did find a site to purchase from. I will check our local used media store before ordering.

  • Danielle Hall says:

    What a fantastic movie! I will be buying and bring out to show my children during our home schooling journey when of age.
    Watching this also make me feel very sad for our beauitful earth!

  • Penni Cowham says:

    amazing story. more farmers should watch for an understanding

  • Jane Sears says:

    Great movie, lots of awesome information. Permaculture is new to me but its interesting that I have been reading Vandana Shiva for years through my university education on politics and the environment and here she is in this movie.


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