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  • Loren Vansant says:

    What an amazing documentary this is! Thank you so much for introducing us to it Bret. Right now because of the Virus they are steaming it for free. But, I bought it so that I can have it to watch later and continue to enjoy and as a way to pay back to them.

  • Lisa Savage says:

    I’m pretty sure the documentary is on Amazon Prime as of March 2020. I’m currently watching .

  • Krystal Moland says:

    are there any free versions of this doc out there?

  • Lee Raynor says:

    I loved this documentary, thank you Bret! It was so inspiring to see how others around the world are using Permaculture. The message it left me with is that the earth doesn’t actually need us to survive but we need the earth the survive. Crops will continue to grow for thousands of years without any input from humans. I’m already middle aged but it doesn’t matter. If I chip away at learning the foundations of Permaculture and applying it in my life, I am being a true custodian of this land.

  • Angela Martin says:

    I was able to watch the full video and like typical, the more knowledge I have the more questions I have. What type of wood was Steve Gabriel growing mushrooms on and is it the only type? Does it need to be under the forest cover to work? How and what do you do to start the plants?
    Where can I find the Documentary Green Gold?
    What was in Michael Phillips spray for his trees and what is the purpose?
    Any idea on where to find more information on the Frank White Neighborhood garden that Paula Amram and Ari Rosenburg spoke about? I have found quite a bit about the ideas of gardens in children’s spaces but am having difficulty in having it be more permiculture in nature and meeting the needs/requirements of childcare licensing.
    What was the name (spelling) of the author that Susana Kay Lein spoke about? I can not seem to figure out how to spell it.
    Thank you, this one was awesome!

  • Mykela Greenwood says:

    Loved it! Makes you want to go get a piece of land and some animal and start. I guess it’s good that garden was step one, so I can hold my horses, until the end of the class.

  • Jane Sears says:

    I subscribe to FMTV and this is one of the documentaries available.

  • Billie Menier says:

    Brings me to tears of joy!

    • Bret James says:

      I know Billie! There is seriously something moving in this. At a deeper level those of us that are awakening to the state of the world and how humanity’s existence (maybe even in the short term) is dependent on everything that is possible with permaculture. They really did an incredible job with this Documentary!

  • Mariah Wannberg says:

    Is it really worth it to buy the documentary or is it better to simply rent it? I see that many of the documentaries and recommended reading materials are for purchase so I am attempting to tabulate. I am totally willing to buy if it is something that I will be likely to reference several times going forward but if it’s a one and done kind of thing, I’d like to be privy to that as well. πŸ™‚
    Thanks a million!

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Mariah,

      Any of the recommended materials are all things that in my opinion are worth the money (and if I don’t recommend it then either I haven’t read/watched it or felt it wasn’t the best option). Inhabit is a fantastic documentary that I personally have watched a number of times and come back to as a reminder as to WHY we are trying to live the life we are living. It’s one I share with friends who are interested in but not yet ready to dive into permaculture. Hope that helps you make a decision πŸ™‚


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