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  • Tiffani Beckman-McNeil says:

    LOVE this. I happen to have met Eric and find him to be an amazing resource as well as an all around nice guy 🙂 He’s doing great work in the world and I love to see that multiplied! I too have been getting into alternate economies, gifting economies, sacred economies – we can change the world we live in! my alternate economy groups are helping me and others soooo much. Thanks for bringing this in!

  • Stephen Haley says:

    This lesson is spot on for me. The plan is to use this class and certificate to build a small business designing and building permaculture yards in my community and from there try to affect HOA rules, Municipal Codes etc to lead the community to a more sustainable lifestyle. Nothing forced/mandated, but showing people (literally planting seeds in the ground to plant seeds in their minds) that this is a better way and that “ECO” can be for ecological and economical at the same time.

    For several years we have attempted to spend, save and invest our money in ways that promote a better world. Sometimes it’s making good choices and sometimes it’s making better bad choices. We can only try our best.

  • Terry Nguy-Chang says:

    What a timely lesson! As most of us sit at home following the shelter-in-place order during this pandemic, everyone is wondering what the economy will look like when the upheaval of this virus is over. This is the moment. Will enough of us wake up now? Knowing that the old extractive and degenerative economy did not fare well for most of us, will we shift toward a regenerative economy? What does that mean and what can it look like? We can rebuild our infrastructure to a cleaner and greener one. We can and will support, innovate, and transition into people-centered and planet-centered businesses, just like this this inspiring online permaculture class. This scary and exciting paradigm shift will be talked about for generations to come.

  • Sophie Craggs says:

    There is an excellent book which delves into the whole “anti-economy”/”pro-economy” argument, as well as a whole spin on social culture/rejection of culture. It is called “The Rebel Sell- Why the counterculture can’t be jammed” (Or the american title-“Nation of Rebels-Why counterculture became consumer culture”) written by Joseph Health & Andrew Potter. It was incredibly eye opening for me and I hope others will benefit from reading it!


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