Permaculture Literacy – HHA

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  • Loren Vansant says:

    I loved this with the great information and the links to gather more information. Thank you for explaining this further as I have been locked into an argument for weeks with my father over grazing animals and their contribution/lack of contribution to the environmental effects. Now that I have a better way of explaining it to him, maybe we can move away from the argument and into an actual discussion with him learning some things.

  • Patrick Sant says:

    So good. Brilliant information to get the brain working

  • Xochitl Coronado says:

    I needed to hear this! such a great summary of rebuilding soils and the extra resources are amazing!

  • Shea Schut says:

    One of my favorite so far. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Evers says:

    Great introduction to rebuilding soil!


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