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  • Evon Saavedra says:

    Yes yes yes!!! I am on the Florida Seed Exchange Facebook Group…, I absolutely enjoy the giving and receiving going on there. Most of our homestead was built with still good materials found at the curb or free on Facebook Market Place. I am going to attempt to buy nothing, but maybe seeds, if I am in a bind.

  • Michelle Lewis says:

    I’m in our neighborhood’s Buy Nothing group on facebook, and we’ve gifted and received so many great things, lots of kids stuff but also kitchen items, clothing, and furniture. There’s usually a group for each zip code so you know you won’t have to travel far to pick something up and you can get to know some of the people in the area too.

  • Katie Stout says:

    Awesome, thank you for this!!
    I would like to share a resource that’s been helpful to my family:
    The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging is an excellent, practical guide to scrounging materials that others don’t need and might consider waste. We built a barn for our goats almost completely from scrounged materials, and we’ve saved probably thousands of dollars on windows getting “back room” stuff from window installers that were mistake orders/older stuff they replaced (but still in great shape). It takes some effort but it’s worth it.

    Jim Juczak is an educator in my neck of the woods and so incredibly approachable and cool that he let us try out a prototype for a hydraulic ram pump for free, so long as we told him if it worked or not (it worked!)

  • Rosmely van Driel-Silva says:

    A great lesson!!!

  • Sophie Craggs says:

    Love love LOVE THIS! My daughter and I have been living “reduced waste lifestyle” Meaning we do not have a garbage can, and reduce/reuse as much as possible we still recycle! I have been aware of the “dirty secret” of the recycling industry, mainly that most products actually make it to the landfill, not to be recycled, for sometime as I had a partner who worked in the local recycling plant on vancouver island. We are trying our best to use up what we have, and then buy sustainably packaged products going forward..

  • Jane Sears says:

    I love this! My New Year resolution this year was to go a year without buying anything other than food. 6 weeks into the year and happy to say that I have replaced my worn out slippers and a pair of kitchen tongs that broke and couldn’t be repaired again without buying new. I was able to scrounge both items from family members who had them sitting in cupboards collecting dust.


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