Permaculture Literacy – HHA

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  • Sophie Craggs says:

    Love love LOVE THIS! My daughter and I have been living “reduced waste lifestyle” Meaning we do not have a garbage can, and reduce/reuse as much as possible we still recycle! I have been aware of the “dirty secret” of the recycling industry, mainly that most products actually make it to the landfill, not to be recycled, for sometime as I had a partner who worked in the local recycling plant on vancouver island. We are trying our best to use up what we have, and then buy sustainably packaged products going forward..

  • Jane Sears says:

    I love this! My New Year resolution this year was to go a year without buying anything other than food. 6 weeks into the year and happy to say that I have replaced my worn out slippers and a pair of kitchen tongs that broke and couldn’t be repaired again without buying new. I was able to scrounge both items from family members who had them sitting in cupboards collecting dust.


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