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  • Evon Saavedra says:

    We are the catalyst for change. I have rallied up a couple of neighbors here. They are starting to see the helping one another mentality concept. I was gifted a pond liner yesterday. He is coming with his big piece of machinery to help dig out the pond some more. Not sure I really want to line it with anything. A huge turtle came and sat at the bank of the pond yesterday. Wild life already enjoying it, and this makes me super happy!

  • Carissa Pou says:

    This video is very inspiring and worth sharing. Being of service to your community IS what will Save The World!

  • Katie Stout says:

    I concur–well put and a perspective I needed to hear. This reminds me of a conversation my sister sent me recently between Zach Bush, MD and Rich Roll. They are discussing Zach Bush’s work on increasing biodiversity in the soil in order to help increase microorganisms in the body. At one point he describes cancer cell growth as a response to the body being devoid of microorganisms–the cell then “believes it is alone,” since typically 40% of the human body is comprised of microorganisms and parasites…without the influence of antibiotics and toxins like Roundup. Since the cell thinks it is alone, it divides, and divides, and divides, trying desperately to keep the body alive since all its microorganism community is gone. This is a really wonderful interview for anyone interested:

  • Terry Nguy-Chang says:

    One salient point he made that describes this pandemic moment so vividly–when we don’t ask what’s causing the fever and that we’re just so focused on the symptoms, we’re perpetuating the disease. And our living planet, Gaia, decided this disease is going on for too long. How do I get these foolish humans to slow down? Give them a concrete and wake-up experience: an acute and mysterious virus that can stop all economic activities, threaten their existence, ground them at home, and at the same time force them to connect, ironically, by keeping them apart. Because it’s known that humans tend to want what they don’t have.

  • Jennifer Hadley says:

    This is exactly what I have been saying. People are far too disconnected from nature and each other and, ultimately, our own selves. Thank you for sharing this video!


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