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  • Garth Field says:

    great reference material

  • Stephen Haley says:

    Very thorough set of notes on the subject. I appreciate you making this document.

    There are numerous typographical errors in the document. Most are actual words so they would not show up in a simple spell check. If you’d like I can go through and find/mark them for you.

  • Deryck Morales says:

    Loved this Cliffs Notes!!! so enlightenment!!

  • Shizuka Ushinohama says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. Can’t wait to watch their next documentary about indigenous way of agriculture .
    Thank you for recommending this documentary.

  • Loren Vansant says:

    I am so thankful you have these cliff notes! I found so much great information and had to face my own issues – I’ve always called dirt and soil by Dirt. Soil was always what we bought in a store. So it’s nice to learn the difference and change my vocabulary. I truly am enjoying the section on composting and learning about the different types. It’s so nice to get a true down to the bottom understanding of it finally.


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