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  • Molly Bouffard says:

    Thank you ! I appreciate having your opinion before investing in the books.

  • Todd Barber says:

    Do you recommend the Introduction book over Designers manual for a new person? I know the designers manual is dense but curious if you know if the introduction book just a simplified version of the designers manual or something different all together? Thanks!

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Todd!

      There are books I would recommend BEFORE the designers manual – such as Gaias Garden or The Resilient Farm and Homestead. Additionally there is an abbreviated version of the designer manual that is a bit more digestible that might good for someone who is newer to the concepts.

  • Loren Vansant says:

    Thank you for bringing these up. I’ve got them added to my lists to get and also see if my Library will have them.

  • Miel Dubielewicz says:

    Sorry, this is the second video that you have mentioned a link below the video with no link below the video…am I missing something??

  • Mykela Greenwood says:

    The download tab isn’t linked to the correct video


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