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  • susan tupper says:

    in my Af climate, the rains need to be stored for consumption or else they just wash away. For gardening too, the problem is washing away of topsoil or erosion on a small hilly tropical island…look forward to practical lessons on how to deal with excess rain problems…oh humidity is sky high and plant diseases can be rampant from so much moisture…

  • Brian Moyer says:

    You mentioned that it would not be a good idea for you to store water in your climate…Why would it be a good idea to store rain water above ground if you have consistent rainfall but not store rain if you typically have dry spells?

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Brian – We will talk in detail about this in the earthworks / water module but the short answer is it doesn’t make tons of sense for our site from a climate perspective. For example I have 2500 gal in water storage, and to use it to store rainwater from the last rain of the spring wouldn’t really make a dent in the summer water usage. I would need 25,000 + gallons of water I would guess (I’ll do the math at some point soon) and that kind of above ground storage is expensive, generally about $1 per gallon. So here instead we are focusing on storage in the soil since it can hold hundreds of thousand of gallons. Great question and I look forward to discuss this one in further detail here soon!


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