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  • AurĂ©lie Dolbeau says:

    Are we allowed to plant whatever trees we want no matter where we leave ? I mean, some trees species can be useful but if they are not endemic, could they become “invasive” like some other plants ? Of course, sometimes the weather/climate of your region, when not suitable will prevent it to grow, but if the climate is suitable, are there not some regulations ?
    Thank you for your enthusiasm about trees, I see I’m not the only one in awe in front of a tree đŸ™‚

  • susan tupper says:

    love trees and they are the main reason I am doing permaculture. Too much tree cutting is going on in the little island where I grew up, to clear land for kava as a cash crop. Did not really affect me until my sister allowed some relatives to cut trees growing in our little spot. They cut my favorite one on the stream and others further and did not use the entire tree cos all they wanted was the trunk for straight timber – talking about old growth teak. My favorite one was huge and it was lying in a mess when I got there. Broke my heart hence I am going to learn all I can and head back to be custodian. She always protested the logging around the waterways but people did not listen and now rivers are drying up and they blame climate change (they blame the developed nations) while they are still cutting indiscriminately! I hope to be able to get them to be proactive regarding conserving what’s left and regenerate the forest they’ve demolished – it is so easy to wipe out little island ecosystems now the chainsaw has become an easily available tool.

  • Brian Moyer says:

    Unable to mark regenerative modules when completed and would like the link to Bill Mollison book. Thanks !


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