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  • Chandra Curry says:

    Hi Bret, I have a question about what to do with treated wood. I live on my Dad’s cattle ranch and there’s a massive large-sized pile of treated wood here. Thanks!

  • Cristina Tébar says:

    Hugelkulture sounds very good, would it work in a Bsk climate with dry hot summers? Or would it loose a lot of water by evaporation?

    • Bret James says:

      Christina – Hugelkulture can definitely struggle to retain moisture in very dry climates, with yours being close to that as a semi-arid climate. But in this case I would suggest its worth experimenting and trying. It certainly can’t hurt anything in this case. Start small and trial it in one location and see what results you get.

  • Heather Cahill says:

    I got my computer back!!! I’m so happy to get back on track. This is a good topic to restart on. It’s one I find to be extra interesting.

  • Teresa Woods says:

    In the previous lesson (3.5) you said you would put a link to purchase a referenced book but the link wasn’t there.


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