Permaculture Literacy – HHA

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  • Emily Pitre says:

    This video was awesome! I took so many notes and I really enjoyed how detailed you got. I’ve been trying to get more into gardening and this is gonna help a ton!

  • Nadia Baer says:

    I’ve been using wood chips in my paths between my beds and it attracts digging (for slugs?) from the local Racoon (and possibly Skunk) population… this is in the city in the northeast, temperate climate, along Lake Ontario. I was considering changing to stones, but wood chips are free, and I think the wood chip paths contribute to more fertility in the overall ecosystem of my backyard….

  • Heather Ward says:

    Bret- Do you need to water your garden? These examples of UK and WA, of no water gardens is great, but it rains a lot there. Is Norcal its not the same, so wondering if you are also successful in not watering.

    • Bret James says:

      Heather – yes, we water our garden. No tilling doesn’t mean no watering, though no till produces healthier soil that needs LESS water because it can hold MORE water. Checkout the lesson in dryland farming for ideas on no-water crops.

  • Lee Raynor says:

    This is great! I’m slowly starting to connect some dots on how this all works.

  • Rachel Searle says:

    Great video! Looking forward to trying this in the autumn!


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