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  • Patrick Sant says:

    My proposed garden is completely flat; and, even though the 30 PSI idea is a definite no go the 1-20 is a possibility. My concern is to have a built structure over 6 meters high. Does anyone have this problem and how do you overcome it?

    • Bret James says:

      In some instances gravity fed water might not be an option, so the next best bet is pumped/ / pressurized water with a off-grid source of power such as solar. But in the end, if pressurized city water is all one has that can work to. Not every site can take advantage of every strategy.

  • Sophie Craggs says:

    Thank you so much for the info on PSI! Super useful to have those calculations ahead of time.. I have an idea for running drip irrigation off a tank used to collect greywater from the offgrid trailer. knowing it will have to be elevated 10-20ft above the garden proposes some interesting challenges I am eager to solve 🙂

  • Jessa Lussier says:

    We’ve been using pecan shells for mulching this season, just foraged them from around the neighborhood, shucked the seeds, and kept the mound of shells for the yard. I’ts working really well!

  • susan tupper says:

    Where I shall be farming, it rains a lot but we still need to catch the water or it will all go to the sea! I like the idea of tanks up high since the land is hilly and catching water off a chicken coop


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