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  • Kirsty Brooks says:

    This was the module I was looking forward to! Are there any UK specific books for establishing a garden-scale food forest?

    • Juniper Jean says:

      {HHA Coach} Hey Kirsty! I’m not personally aware of any that are UK specific, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I have found that many of the plants that thrive in US food forests are grown and loved in the UK as well. I’d encourage you to check out the London Orchard Project to see if there’s anything that gets you excited. Happy growing!

    • Carl Gibson says:

      “How to make a forest garden” by Patrick Whitefield. British author writing from firsthand experience was based in Somerset for a long time. I Think there may be other authors too but can’t remember their names at the moment.

  • Patrick Sant says:

    Wow. A lot of information with this one. Will return a few times to this I think.

  • Carien says:

    A lot of new information in here. Great stuff!

  • Angela Martin says:

    Maybe we get in to this at some point but while looking at plants I am trying to figure out if and if so what I might plant under a doug fir tree. The limbs are high enough that it does get some morning and afternoon sun, but not much mid day. I believe I am zone 8b, and will be mulching and composting but would prefer to find something that the tree will not kill (the tree is quite large).
    Thank you,
    Angela Martin

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Angela!

      We don’t get into specific plant combinations – there are simply too many combinations that alone could be an entire course!

      Google and books are the best resource for individual plant information. You want to look for companion plants and plants that do not go well together.

      The sky is kinda the limit in most cases so be sure to look at lessons 4.4 and 4.5 in Track 1 about companion plants. and multi use plants for the concepts.

      The idea being that you want to choose planets that serve a function such as supporting the needs of the fir tree, supporting needs of beneficial animals or adding harvestable goods for you.

  • Penni Cowham says:

    theres no button to say ive done


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