Permaculture Literacy – HHA

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  • Jeannie Bohley says:

    i was looking forward to this lesson , my son and his wife live in phoenix Arizona and i cant wait to show them what im learning. great lesson

  • Kim Glinka says:

    Hi Bret, just looking for some clarification on planting. You said to dig a hole 6-18″ to get below the moisture barrier. Then you showed a chart that said planting depth will vary by season, and recommend some plants (squash for example) be planted as shallow as 2-4″ (which would be above the moisture barrier). Can you clarify / further explain?

  • Khari Jackson says:

    Really cool and my first time learning about these practices. I want to experiment with dry farming!

  • Carien says:

    Another new concept for me. Love it!


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