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  • Jeannie Bohley says:

    yes i have a small pond with waterfall and nice and stream i posted video on fb group a while back.. (nerthus jeannie) check it out let me know what you think. im making changes nxt spring with the garden and also trying to make a closed loop system is my goal.

  • Abby Cyr says:

    I haven’t done much research on the details, but shouldn’t the presence of certain aquatic plants naturally aerate the water? Many subsurface aquatic plants, from photosynthesis, release oxygen into the water naturally. I restore wetlands and I do know that hybrid cattail, as an example of invasive, undesired plant, will consume basins that are less than 3 ft deep, or create their own floating cattail bog, basically. But my thought is that with the right kind vegetation, a pond should be able to keep itself clean. I see this in highly functioning wetlands. Thanks!

  • Jesse Beddingfield says:

    Loved this video! I’ve been considering building a pond on my property to have a place to 1) fish and 2) go for a dunk after coming out of the future smoke sauna. A lot of good information here thank you!

  • Khari "JK" Jackson says:

    The first and third links are the same. Was that an accident? Thanks!


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