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  • Khari "JK" Jackson says:

    Hi, would you mind posting the links you mentioned to reputable worm retailers?

    • Jesscy says:

      {HHA Coach} Hey Khari! We live in a wonderful day and age where you can get awesome, healthy red wigglers on Amazon! Checking with your local garden store is a good idea, too. I’ve even found them on my local Craigslist.

  • Brian Moyer says:

    Do you think that it would work to put worms into a large(6ft x10ft) manure pile ( dairy manure with lots of bedding hay mixed in it ) and have them work in the manure as it sat over the winter.

  • Tiffani Beckman-McNeil says:

    I would love to do this in my back patio as long as I could make it rat/mouse proof…..


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