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  • Michael Dunn says:


    With carbon cropping I presume the idea is to produce an edible yield whilst also producing material to compost. I wonder whether carbon cropping is sufficient to cover the area used to produce the carbon crop as well as providing material for e.g raised planting area else surely the carbon yield area would become exhausted? To clarify would you not need to feed the soil for both areas?

    • Jesscy says:

      {HHA Coach} You would indeed need soil to cover both areas as the carbon yield does become exhausted. Great question, Michael!

  • Terry Nguy-Chang says:

    This lesson is really valuable for my situation. I have a small garden space in my suburban home and hope to grow all the vegetables we eat. I plan to share this enthusiasm and passion with my family and community (school garden and community garden) to show that it can be done. Permaculture is truly a paradigm shift toward a regenerative way of life. Act locally and think globally.

  • susan tupper says:

    does organic seed means it’s not hybrid? How can I know they are open-pollinated to begin stocking my open-pollinated seeds?


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