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  • Carol Yip says:

    See wiki article showing GIF of how Aral Sea shrunk from 1960-2014… heartbreaking!

  • Stephen Haley says:

    650 gallons for a pound of cheese??? I assume that includes irrigation of crops for cattle/goat/sheep feed and watering the animals themselves. I can’t imagine the inefficiency of that much strictly for the manufacture of the cheese itself. The rest of them, I can believe.

  • JK says:

    This was so shocking. When you first posted the photo of the river, all I could think about was swimming in it. Then to see the 2nd photo.

    Also, never even thought it was possible to make collecting rainwater illegal.

  • Noel King says:

    Water is such a HUGE issue here in Arizona. Not too far from where I live there are massive farms that seem to be doing well, but most of the people that live there, their wells have dried up and they have to ship water in. It’s honestly one of the biggest reasons why I’m so intrigued by permaculture, I want to help these people, as well as the landscapes they live on, as much as I can.

  • Chandra Curry says:

    Lake Aral is heartbreaking


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