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  • Mariah Wannberg says:

    Are any of your diagrams, such as the chicken-greenhouse relationship, or graphs available anywhere on the site? I would love to do a mine graph as you did to begin pattern observing and function stacking but would love your’s for inspiration and to open my mind to things I may overlook as a newbie. I did take a pic with my phone and paused the video but I am typing notes on my computer as I am going through the lessons and I would love to have some imagery to tie things together as I go back through the notes.
    Also, I know you mentioned that there are worksheets, will those be listed at the ends of the lessons or somewhere else> I haven’t seen any yet so i just want to be sure I am not missing anything. Thank you for all of the time and heart you have put into this course.

    • Bret James says:

      Hey Mariah!

      The diagrams are not available so I recommend pausing the video and doing a screen shot and saving to your computer. Some lessons have worksheets, but most dont. If they do they are located below the video 🙂

  • Lisa Feldmann says:

    This lesson was such an eye-opener for me. Suddenly I see so much possibility around me! Wow!!!


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