Permaculture Literacy – HHA

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  • Janese Magana says:

    This video really opened my eyes as far as design and higher yields. I’m loving this course!

  • Stephen Haley says:

    I knew about edges from hunting and fishing, but had observed that plant diversity and population was naturally increased in these areas as well. Never thought about straight vs curved lines though. I thought it was all aesthetics. Thanks. I just harvested Kale, Lettuce and Brussels Sprout seeds. Once I had enough for my vegetable beds next season, I took the rest of the seed/foliage and chopped and dropped it along the edges in some areas it might do well. We’ll see what happens.

  • teresa kopaz says:

    In the back of my mind I always knew about edges, but my instinct for my first design for my space (before this program) was to do straight rows. That has all changed. Edges don’t have to be haphazard or overly “random”, they can be planned, symmetrical and organised and still be productive. I can’t wait till the design section and to get started on my slice of paradise.


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