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  • Laura Wimberley says:

    As a bit of a nerd, I would love to see a reading list or sources for “diving deeper.” For example, if there’s a history about the work that Mollison and Holmgren (sp?) did in Australia, that might be listed. A timeline might also be a useful tool. I suspect I will find these types of things as I go further in the course or as I poke around online on my own in response to what you provide here.

  • Jeannie Bohley says:

    i feel like this is my calling . im so filled with passion and cant wait to be able to utilize the knowledge givin here. much gratitude

  • Rebekah Davis says:

    This definitely is a great aid in explaining permaculture to others. I love how it looks forward to creating a sustainable world that will positively impact future generations. It is something that is truly important. Unfortunately, most choose to live their lives so short sighted and all about themselves.

  • Anagha Pathare says:

    Loved the Definitions… though it is hard to define Permaculture in such short sentences. Need for making Conscious decisions and working with nature .. that sounds like being in the flow of life. Effortless living :). Seven generation principle – So simple yet so profound. Moving away from destructive way of living to constructive way of living.. Focusing on creating holistic and balanced environment for growing, us and plants both…

  • Adreena Carr says:

    I love the principle of seven generations and how we should really take into account our actions for today that will have major effects tomorrow. It can be hard to pinpoint what permaculture is but this video helped quite a bit 🙂

  • Holly Purdy says:

    These descriptions of permaculture are very important in talking to others about it, and in describing what you’re doing. Also, what they can do to help our planet and our health. Thank you!

  • Amy Bang says:

    I just love how much permaculture makes sense! Why haven’t we been doing this forever? haha

  • JENNY OLSON says:

    Permaculture is all very new to me, but it makes so much sense! I’m enjoying this course so much already!

  • Sean Clatterbuck says:

    It’s so interesting to me to see in action the way that permaculture driven solutions can be used to solve the problems that threaten wellness (human, plant, and animal) all over the world. I’m very much looking forward to completing my PDC here.

    • Saundra Weaver says:

      I realize I have been slowly coming to this Permaculture way through years of working so hard on my property. I have known the word Permaculture and have wanted to learn more, but didn’t want to drive to Portland for the classess. WIth the Covid 19 lockdown, i watched the animals and plant life cruise along as usual with everything they needed right there for them. I began to think that I really need to get this land of mine to work for me, not me for it!! I could be like the plants and animals, I thought. So, I started to change my mind set from consumer to scavanger: I began to think about what I need and what I could find on my property to meet that need vs. running to the store. I have found that so much of what I need has been right here. I am excited to get moving on this transition from working for my land to my land working for me. In the meantime, I will still use my mechanical equipment as I will need it as I transition. Please don’t hold that against me! Perma culture is a more permanant culture or sustainable… Right now, my property is not sustainable as is! unless of course I let it go back to fields of invasive blackberries!! ugh!

  • Katie Kennington says:

    Loved watching what can be done when all available resources are utilized!
    One question: what are wicking bed systems?

  • Andrea Spencer says:

    I really liked the information. It would be nice to see in the future some sort of way or link to be able to copy and paste the definitions/text you included in the videos.

  • Aislynn Derden says:

    I appreciated the precise breakdown of the definition of permaculture, as well as, the origin.

  • Chandra Curry says:

    Concise and expansive information! I can feel my heart and mind resonating together. Incredible, thank you.

  • Loren Vansant says:

    I really enjoyed the different definitions and the encouragement to take the base core of permaculture and then make it our own. This made it easy to understand and explain and I love how it incorporates everyone with it no matter if you have a 2-foot by 4-foot balcony or a 25-acre piece of land, we can all accept this and expand upon it, using it to help our environment.

  • Mariah Wannberg says:

    I tried to rate the lesson as 4 stars but accidentally clicked on 2 stars not realizing how it worked…I thought I would be re-directed. I was unable to change my rating.

  • Samuel Bowden says:

    Concise sharing of the philosophy of permaculture =)

  • Stephanie Roe says:

    Very well broken down


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