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  • Katie Stout says:

    Fantastic information! Can you please recommend a book or resource to help identify weeds/plants, one with good pictures? I reviewed the link for “Weeds and What they Tell Us,” but it’s not clear if there are pictures of the plants to help identify them. I know a few of the little helpers, but there are a lot I need to learn.

    • Bret James says:

      Katie – so I don’t have a great resource for weeds because the word includes different plant types (shrubs, flowers, grasses etc). So I recommended finding local / regional books on the plants and in there you will find the “weeds”. For example, dandelion – in a flower book you will likely use the color of the flower (yellow) to identify it. Or grasses will be ID’d by the shape and seed head. That said, I do like Katrina Blair’s Wild Wisdom of Weeds where she highlights the 13 most common weeds in the world (I believe). Check it out!

  • Donna Nutt says:

    I can not pull up the web link article. It comes up with a title, a picture of a green field or pasture with some flowers, the authors name and nothing else but blank expanse


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