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  • Katie Stout says:

    This is so cool. Thank you for walking us through the use of the website! Saved tons of time, and like Angela said, reinforced observations. It also gave feedback on big questions we have been considering in developing our land! A big part of our property is “not good farmland,” but the report suggested pasture, woodland, or carefully planned orchards/blueberries. This is such a huge help.

    Weirdly, I also just picked up the hard copy book of the most recent soil survey from the ’70s from our county Soil and Water Conservation District. They are free, and our county office had a ton of copies in print. If you like nerding out on maps, swing by your county office and see if they have any copies available. The lady at the office was really fun to talk to, and she pulled out aerial maps taken from the 1930s-60s to show how much our piece of land has changed over time. I saw how this area used to be densely conventionally farmed, but the whole community was abandoned during the Depression. There are a lot of legends around here about that, so it was cool to see it evidenced on maps.

    • Bret James says:

      Katie, and what is more, later in the course you will learn about the Scale of Permanence. This shows us that soil is one of the easiest attributes of a landscape to change! Awesome that you actually went into your local office too!

  • Angela Martin says:

    Quite interesting and almost exactly what I expected considering what I found prior to working with the land.


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