Practical Application – HHA

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  • susan tupper says:

    I definitely need to get the wind patterns..and we also get cyclones. Good point to remember about fires and smoke directions!

  • Rachel Searle says:

    This may be a silly question, but do the wind directions always change, or does there seem to be a fairly consistent pattern throughout the year?

    Also, what are some reasons to know the direction of the winds…other than the chicken run example?

    • Bret James says:

      Winds are typically constant patterns – so night winds in a valley go downhill and daytime winds in a valley go uphill. Winds are also seasonal and can shift accordingly. Environmental factors, such as a large body of water, can create more consistent winds. Knowing the winds helps you place a garden in a frost free zone, away from high winds where plants get damaged or even locate fire pits, outdoor kitchens so that the smoke doesn’t go in unwanted places (such as your home). It also tells you which direction a fire is likely to be carried (which is a concern for rural folks in dry climates like the western US).


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