Practical Application – HHA

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  • Lawrence Bermann says:

    Good over view and starting to set the rotations. There is quite a bit of background noise, sounds like popcorn popping.

  • Kris Bittermann says:

    Do you show anywhere how you made your greenhouse? I’d love to start seeds myself, but need to figure out a better way so they don’t get so leggy in the house (or crushed by excited cats who like to nest on them!)

  • Donna Nutt says:

    How do you find organic straw

    • Bret James says:

      Donna, call your local feed stores and ask if they carry organic straw / hay. In my case none of the stores in my town do, so I have to drive about 30 min down the mountain to get a load of organic straw. That said, if non-organic straw is your only option, its better than no mulch!


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