Your PDC Certification

Your Permaculture Design Certificate is an internationally recognized achievement that you have completed the required 72-hour permaculture curriculum in the Holistic Homestead Academy.

Certification Benefits:

  • Giving you the complete picture to design and create sustainable gardens, homes, and communities
  • Understanding how the individual can improve our global climate issues
  • Adds credentials to your resume for those seeking to use permaculture professionally
  • Gives clients confidence in your knowledge-base
  • Eligible for a Permaculture Diploma

For those who wish to continue their permaculture education and take it an advanced or professional level, your PDC gives you eligibility to apply for a permaculture diploma from places such as PINA or The Permaculture Institute.

This course is SELF PACED but you will have four deadlines to choose between this year.

To receive your PDC, you need to complete the requirements below and submit your final project by the certification deadline listed on this page.

NOTE: We are now issuing DIGITAL certificates via email that you can choose to print (or not and save a tree).


You need to complete 90% of these course video lessons* to qualify for your permaculture design certificate: 

  • Permaculture Literacy: Track 1
  • Permaculture Design: Track 2
  • Practical Application: Track 3

*Since not every lesson is helpful for every person you are allowed to skip 10% of the course video lessons, but we recommended of course watching as close to every lesson as you can 🙂

You need to complete these assignments to qualify for your permaculture design certificate: 

  • Holistic Goals Worksheet (Track 2 Module 1.5)
  • A Site, Garden, Food Forest design which includes (in most cases):
    • Site Assessment Worksheet (Track 2 Module 3.1)
    • SWOT (Track 2 Module 3.2)
    • Base Map (Track 2 Module 4.1)
    • Field Map(Track 2 Module 5.1)
    • Sector Analysis (Track 2 Module 5.2)
    • Land Analysis Layers (Track 2 Module 6.1)
    • Zone Analysis (Track 2 Module 6.2)
    • Site Design
    • Implementation Plan

Your goal of the Site Design is to gain an understanding of the design process and execute a site design from start to finish, incorporating the permaculture principles, tools and techniques learned in the HHA program to improve the sites sustainability, resilience or productivity.


  1. Due to the unique nature of the design process, the individuals and the sites, not every portion of the site design will apply to everyone. If you feel something isn’t relevant to your design please contact Bret to discuss further.
  2. Designs can be hand drawn or digital
  3. You are NOT graded on artistic ability
permaculture designer

How To Get Your PDC Certificate

  • Step 1: Choose your desired graduation date / deadline (listed below). The program is 72 hours of work, so you can determine how many hours per week / month to devote to the program with that number.
  • Step 2: Submit each assignment via the course dashboard as you progress though the program:
  • Step 3: Share your final design by one of the deadlines and summary in the Student Facebook Group!

Certification Deadlines:
September 1st, 2020
December 1st, 2020
March 1st, 2021

PDC Certificates are issued at 4 times each year, listed above. You need to submit ALL your coursework by the deadline. PDC certificates will be issued within 5 business days of the deadline via email.


Certification Deadlines:
September 1st, 2020
December 1st, 2020
March 1st, 2021


  • darko tomic says:

    Hello Everyone. I began my course about a week and a half ago, I had a few issues in the beginning but with help from Bret and community fb page i have re evaluated my start day and schedule and I will be completing my course by the 1st December 2020, this is my graduation date!!! I feel confident and excited… Lets go!!!

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