Confidently Begin With Permaculture Today

Learn step-by-step how to easily integrate sustainable, healthy living into your life – no matter how little time, space or money you have and in any climate


The Holistic Homestead Academy is a Permaculture Design Certification course (PDC) for beginners and advanced students alike who want to start living sustainably.

Do you want to growing your own food, provide for your own needs, while reducing your impact on the planet?

With permaculture you can be part of the SOLUTION. Learn how you and your family can be part of the new paradigm of people living better lives by growing their own organic food, raising animals regeneratively and switching over to more sustainable ways of building and powering our daily lives.

Do you want to growing your own food, provide for your own needs, while reducing your impact on the planet?

With permaculture you can be part of the SOLUTION. Learn how you and your family can be part of the new paradigm of people living better lives by growing their own organic food, raising animals regeneratively and switching over to more sustainable ways of building and powering our daily lives.

Permaculture is the key ingredient to STARTING a successful garden, homestead or farm.

There’s just some mistaken beliefs that need to be (easily) corrected:

  • Mistakenly thinking that you need to own land to practice permaculture
  • Mistakenly believing that you need tons of space to live regeneratively
  • Mistakenly thinking that you don’t have the time
  • The misconception that it takes lots of money to live sustainably
  • Incorrectly believing that learning permaculture design is complicated or overwhelming
  • That you are just not ready yet

In Reality:

  • Permaculture is best learned BEFORE having land so you can start out right!
  • Small space efficiency is fundamental in permaculture design!
  • Permaculture design gives you the exact system to know where to start!
  • Designing with permaculture actually can free up time!
  • The tools of permaculture teach you how to get more done with less – a key component to sustainability!
  • Learning permaculture design is EASY once you have a step-by-step system to follow and peer support
  • The truth is YOU ARE READY you just need to make the leap to overcome the fear and finally start living the life you want!

Becoming  a Holistic Homesteader who practices permaculture is the #1 way to take control of:

Your Homegrown Health

Your Personal Income

Your Sustainable Footprint

Your Thriving Happiness

And get your Permaculture Design Certification (PDC)!

The Holistic Homestead Academy – Learn permaculture and design your dream homestead!

Change your life with permaculture:

  • Learn the essentials of living, farming and gardening in harmony with the land
  • Find out how nature gives us all the tools we need to grow the best food
  • Learn how animals can create less work and restore the environment
  • Confidently design your homestead so that you can know exactly where to start
  • Discover the knowledge that the ancient people used to thrive
  • Find out how you can make a living with permaculture
  • Learn how you can harvest energy like rain and sun
  • Learn how natural building can create homes that need little heating or cooling
  • And so much MORE!!

This program is perfect for YOU if you:

  • Dream of having your own homestead or farm lifestyle, even if in the city
  • Want to improve your health by growing and raising your own food
  • Desire to feel more connected with nature and the land
  • Want to learn ways of living that are in alignment with your soul
  • Dream of living more sustainably
  • Wish to help others and make an income being a permaculture consultant or designer
  • Want to provide the most secure and resilient life possible for you and your family 
  • Need help and guidance learning all about soil, water, natural energies and more
  • Wish for a community of like-minded people to support and help you

End the confusion and overwhelm with knowing where to start and how to apply permaculture to your life:

What makes this program so special?

It is an affordable 12-month (self-paced) online alternative to your typical permaculture design certification (PDC) that fits into your busy life and includes more training and guidance than found in your typical PDC training.

Course Tracks

Permaculture Literacy

The core “classroom” track where you will learn permaculture fundamentals, tools and techniques that will change your life.

Permaculture Homestead Design

A track dedicated to creating and designing your actual homestead with permaculture principles.

Practical Application

A bonus track where you get to see hands-on execution, creating or tours of permaculture methods. 

Module 1

Permaculture Introduction

Methods of Design

Nature Awareness & Reading

Module 2

Ethics, Principles & Patterns

Observing Your Land

Holistic Land Management & Fire Saftey

Module 3

Permaculture Tools

Homestead Design Planning

Irrigation Systems

Module 4

Climate & Strategy

Designing By Hand

DIY A-Frame Level & Contour Marking

Module 5

Water, Earthworks & Rainwater Harvesting

Digital Design Tools

Water Harvesting Swales & Optical Surveying

Module 6

Soils, Compost & Fungi

Creating A Basemap

Natural Building: Cob Basics

Module 7

Trees & Microclimate

Creating Basemap Layers

Instant Gardens + Permaculture Compost

Module 8

Food Forests, Gardening & Regenerative Ag

Zone Mapping

Chicken Composting System

Module 9

Renewable Energies

Connection Mapping

DIY Solar Hot Water Heating

Module 10

Natural Building

Map Reading

Sun Planning & Apps

Module 11

Urban Permaculture

Design Implementation

DIY Solar Oven

Module 12

Advanced Frameworks

Design Iterations & Improvements

Integrated Pest Management & “Weeds”

** Note: The module content and order are subject to change as needed to better suit the students and class flow.

After this progam you will:

Complete Understanding of Permaculture

Knowledge is power.

With your permaculture knowledge, you will be able to design a life that is more sustainable, in alignment with the natural world, healthier and more abundant.

Design Your Holistic Homestead

Practice Makes Perfect Sense. 

By learning the design process you are fully able to understand how permaculture principles, tools and techniques apply to YOU and YOUR life.

Real Practical Application

Execution Empowers Knowledge.

Only by doing is knowledge powerful. You will get to see in real life permaculture applied to different garden, homestead or farm situations to show you the possibilities for your life.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to Module 1 (22 lessons) and your bonuses!


TODAY ONLY BONUS #1 ($597 value)

The Homestead Roadmap Course

The truth is starting your homestead is MORE about aligning yourself to the life you desire! This 6 week, 27 lesson course teaches you how to get unstuck, in alignment and start your dream homestead TODAY.

  • Module 1 – Homestead Mindset (Achieve Anything)
  • Module 2 – Affordable and Profitable Homesteading
  • Module 3 – Finding The Perfect Land
  • Module 4 – Permaculture Homestead Essentials
  • Module 5 – Start Today (Dissolve Your Obstacles)
  • Module 6 – Your Breakthrough Year (Bring The Future To The Present)

TODAY ONLY BONUS #2 ($697 value)

The Holistic School of Business

Permaculture promotes “right livelihood” which is all about ensuring you get a return, even financially. This 6 week, 36 lesson course teaches you how you can leverage online business to generate income from your passions.

  • Module 1 – Your Mindset Is Your Success
  • Module 2 – Business Basics
  • Module 3 – Marketing Essentials
  • Module 4 – Social Media for Anyone
  • Module 5 – Websites Demystified
  • Module 6 – Advanced Online Business
  • Module 7 – Bonus: Smart Phone Photography
  • Module 8 – Bonus: DIY WordPress Website


BONUS #3 ($197 value)

How to Find the PERFECT Homestead

Learn what to look for in finding the perfect place for your homestead and save tens of thousands of $$$$$ by avoiding renting, leasing or buying the wrong place!

BONUS #4 ($197 value)

Time & Money Saving Permaculture Tips & Tricks

Get started off on the right path with this resource bundle!

  • Permaculture Homesteading Crash Course
  • How To Start A Homestead When You Can’t Afford One
  • How To Read The Landscape to Make Good Designs With Your Homestead
  • Permaculture Gardening for Maximum Yield and Least Energy
  • Selecting Your Ideal Chicken Breed
  • Raw Land Tool List (checklist)

BONUS #5 ($197 value)

Top 5 Ways To Make A Living Homesteading

Learn the five best paths to creating income on a homestead – the best ONE will surprise you and is something you could start today.

BONUS #6 ($97 value)

Visionary Gardening: More Harvest & Less Work

A full class on how permaculture can reduce labor, time and money in the garden PLUS return larger harvests – all while working in the most sustainable ways.

BONUS #7 ($97 value)

Live Monthy Q&A + Private Facebook Group

Get direct access to Bret and other members to answer ANY and ALL questions you have! Permaculture is a community effort and we’ve created that online to support you too.

Every month Bret hosts live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group to answer YOUR QUESTIONS directly.

BONUS #8 ($97 value)

Lifetime Access!

Because I want you to succeed you’ll have lifetime access to the program and materials.

This course will be apart of your library of knowledge – a resource that you can come back to again and again as you need to in your journey. There is so much information in these modules that I promise every time you watch a video you will learn more.

You also get any future upgrades and additions for free as the program is refined.

BONUS #9 ($297 value)

The Professional Permaculture Course

Generate Meaningful Income With Permaculture With This Special Bonus Course!

Learn how you can become a professional permaculture consultant or designer and get paid to change the world! This course also includes all of my swipe files – from design intake questionaiires to forms used in the field.

Sneak Peek – Tour Inside the Member Area!

Here Is What Current Students Are Saying

Before this course I felt like it was just up to chance if living my homestead dream would even happen for me, but now I have the confidence that it is possible and have already started to.”

The course really covered EVERYTHING you need to know and then some! This course sparked my willpower to make this happen quicker, so I decided to search for homes for sale and found one I might purchase that has enough land to grow as much food as I want.

-Shelly Stern

“This course has been LIFE CHANGING for our tribe.”

It has given us hope and inspiration we are on the right track and has helped us facilitate an understanding of where to start the process and how to be successful each step of the way. It teaches you to think outside of the box from start to finish.

-Allison Barrett

“I find it difficult to put into words how much impact the course has had for me so far!”

I have been studying and practicing permaculture and holistic lifestyle skills for over 20 years, but I had been feeling that I was not anywhere close to where I would like to be in terms of progress towards my homestead dreams.

Bret’s course really shined the light on the areas of my life and mindset that have been holding me back from living the life I have desired for so long.

-Josie Harding

Join the Holistic Homestead Academy Today!

Everything included is worth a total of $3482

I’m so excited for everyone to live the healthy and sustainable life they desire,

I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in The Holistic Homestead Academy TODAY for a limited time price of just…

The Holistic Homestead Academy PDCCourse with Bonuses!

$ 697

(When Paid In Full)

  • 3 Courses (Tracks) with 12 modules each
  • Module Worksheets
  • Monthly Support Emails
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Your Permaculture Certification
  • BONUS #1: The Sustainable Homestead Roadmap Course
  • BONUS #2: The Holistic School of Business
  • BONUS #3: How to Find the PERFECT Homestead (SAVE $$$)
  • BONUS #4: Time & Money Saving Permaculture Tricks
  • BONUS #5: Make A Living Homesteading
  • BONUS #6: Visionary Gardening: More Harvest & Less Work
  • BONUS #7: Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS #8: Lifetime Access + Future Upgrades
  • BONUS #9: The Professional Permaculture Course

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30-Day $1 Trial (Payment Plan)!


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Get INSTANT ACCESS to your course and bonuses!

Risk- Free Guarantee

Are you on the fence? Or feeling skeptical?

Our online course comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

*I want you to give you the opportunity to see that it IS possible to change your life with permaculture! That’s why I’m giving you a full 60 days to explore the lessons, follow along with the modules, do the worksheets, interact with the facebook group and design your personal homestead. I want you to feel how exciting it is to start your permaculture journey.

If after completing the course and exercises, you are not fully satisfied, you may be issued a refund for the full amount paid. Please see our full terms for complete details.


Is this a PDC (Permaculture Design Certification)?

Yes! This program is a Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) and costs HALF of most other available programs with MORE material.

When does the program start?

When you sign up you get immediate access to your account and bonuses. The main program, including all 3 Tracks, begins March 4th, 2019. From there a new module will release every month for 11 more months.

What happens after I press the Enroll button?

Once you press that life-changing enroll button and invest in your future you will be taken to a secure checkout page where you can process your payment.

As soon as the payment information is submitted you will immediately be taken to a confirmation page.

You are now logged into your account! Notice there is a new navigation at the top and you can check out all available course bonuses and resources.

Now the fun begins!

In addition, you will receive several email notifications with your information for your record.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. Our online course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

I want you to give you the opportunity to see that it IS possible to move out of dreaming, and into becoming a homesteader. That’s why I’m giving you a full 60 days to explore the lessons, follow along the modules, do the worksheets, inteact in the facebook group and design your personal roadmap. I want you to feel how exciting it is to start your homestead journey.

If after completing the course and exercises, you are not fully satisfied, you may be issued a refund for the full amount paid. Please see our full terms and conditions for complete details.

How many hours per month will I need to invest?

This course was designed to work with your busy schedule and limited time. Learning permaculture is a large commitment and that is why we go through one set of modules per month. This gives you plenty of time to take in the material, do any homework, and apply it to your life. At minimum, you want to invest 8 hours per month. That said the more time you invest in the lessons and the Facebook community the more you will get out of the course.

Remember: You have LIFETIME access to the material so if you need to take the course slower you can!

What if I get stuck, is there support to help me?

Absolutely, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Hop into the Facebook group and post your question there. You’ll receive support from the community and Bret as time allows. If you still haven’t gotten the answers you need, you can send Bret an email for support!