My 5 Biggest Mistakes Starting Our Homestead

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Are you trying to start your dream homestead, but just haven’t made it happen yet?

For years, I was stuck. Wishing. Hoping. I wanted to live the homestead life but just wasn’t quite there.

As I look back now, I see the reasons it took me so long and what things were holding me back. I want to share my 5 biggest mistakes along my journey, in hopes you can avoid them in yours. Read More

How to Avoid an Expensive Homestead Mistake

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Here’s a little secret: I’ve been known to be a bit impulsive on occasion.

The decision to quit my job and move to Hawaii. The time I invited Beth to leave Denver to come to live with me.

I like to call it “trusting my gut” or “taking a leap of faith” but others might see it as making rash decisions.

Most of the time, this has worked out in my favor – with whatever jump I’ve taken, I’ll find a net to catch me.

But there is a time and a place when I most certainly do NOT make decisions from a place of unknown.

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4 Keys To Your Best Homestead Life

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If you are desiring better health, more happiness, connection with people and the land and greater abundance in your life then you are likely reading the right article.

If you are interested in growing your own food or even starting a homestead or farm, then you are absolutely reading the right article.

You are going to learn the center point for all of these life improvements and where to start with any of them.

Ready for the punch line?
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Your Well Being Centers on a Holistic Homestead

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Let me ask you this: Have you considered WHY you really want a homestead? Or why you farm?

Is it because you want to improve your health? Connect with the land? Experience personal freedom? Sure, it’s likely all of the above, but at the core of any reason is that you want to feel good.

So, I’m going to introduce to the idea of the Holistic Homestead, and how this will be the single most important piece of homestead or farm knowledge you can learn.

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Top 5 ways Permaculture Your Garden & Take Back Your Health

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It’s the latest buzz, right? Permaculture gardening. Maybe you’ve heard it can help you achieve more yield with less work. Perhaps you’re hearing that even though your food might be organic, it doesn’t mean it’s been grown for maximum nutrition.

So how do you ensure your vegetables are nutrient dense, with bigger yields and less time in the garden? And what is a permaculture garden, anyway?

I’m going to lay out the 5 best ways you can transition to a permaculture style garden.

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The Homestead Summit

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Have you ever seen the Discovery Channel show Alaska The Last Frontier?

We don’t have a TV, but this is the one show we go out of our way to watch and have followed it from season one. These people have been a huge inspiration in our homestead journey.

I was stoked to hear I’d been invited to join their summit, but with less than a 24-hour notice it was a scramble to get prepared!

Not to mention, riding the waves of excitement and high adrenaline.

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5 Eco-Thrifty Ways to Build Your Homestead on the Cheap

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It’s no secret: homesteading life and projects cost money.

There’s the materials, the tools, time and all the little parts and pieces for this ONE THING you can’t do without to complete the project. Even a small project can easily go over budget.

It’s frustrating, because you’re trying to live a more “simple” life, yet it can still cost $$$.

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