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  • Molly Bouffard says:

    I love journaling, I’m excited about this part 🙂 I will probably use a notebook that’s already a calendar and use a new one every year so it’s easy to see the dates, i like the idea of looking for patterns. I also keep an online journal where I ask myself hte same questions every day. Been doing it for 3 years and it’s come in handy so many times — also helps me see how far i’ve come and which issues keep arising. Maybe I will start an electronic one for my land.

  • Laci says:

    My daughter and i share a love for notebooks & we seem to have notebooks for EVERYTHING. Budgets & grocery lists, devotional & prayers, sermon notes, recipes, doodles & sketches, one for this class & planting charts, and a few abandoned ones that will probably find new life as an observation notebook lol. If I dont write things down, it’s just gone and i probably won’t remember. I’m a little ADD and writing things down definitely helps me focus & stay on track. On some levels i depend on notes/notebooks to function so i love this suggestion

  • Katie Kennington says:

    I too have notebooks everywhere! I have really loved making observation maps…something a friend who has her PDC suggested that I do. I think for me, as a visual learner, it is easier if I have a map of each thing I am observing, and every time I observe something new in that area I can add it to my map. I may have several maps for just water, for example, but then the observation is attached to a place where I observed it.

    could also be fun to do a map just for sit spot locations, and just devote 15 minutes of time to each small bubble, 10 feet radius of my yard. I guess you could also do that with a farm or homestead site, just would take years and years to fully fill in all the areas on your land with a 15 minute sit spot observation.

    I love this right now, as we are staying home because of the virus. I am taking time to learn about each part of my yard, front and back and see what it has to tell me before I try to tell it what I think it should be.

  • Patrick Sant says:

    As Christopher said, I have lots of books for different interests/hobbies. Although I really get the purpose of this. Do you have a book for each year?

  • Christopher Lee says:

    My problem is too many notebooks! I have notes for this class, one for recipes, one for business ideas, other ideas, meditations, etc.
    but something small I can carry with me when I am on my property should be easy enough to manage.

  • susan tupper says:

    something I really need to work on as I have never been any good with diaries..both my parents always kept notes on the garden etc.


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