Homestead with Permaculture for a Healthy, Abundant and Sustainable Life

Homestead with Permaculture for a Healthy, Abundant and Sustainable Life


If you are a person who wants to have a garden or home that works with nature, but struggles to actually see the amazing results you hear others claim are possible with permaculture, then you just need a guide to get there.

Do you want to grow your own food, provide for your own needs, while reducing your impact on the planet?

With permaculture you can be part of the SOLUTION. Learn how you and your family can be part of the new paradigm of people living better lives by growing their own organic food, raising animals regeneratively and switching over to more sustainable ways of building and powering our daily lives.

Study With An Experienced Mentor

Bret has over 1,000 hours of professional permaculture training, has operated a permaculture consulting and design business helping clients design their regenerative homestead and has personally developed raw land into a permaculture homestead for his family.


He has taught many other permaculture and homesteading – even with Discovery Channels TV’s stars from Alaska The Last Frontier.

You’ll get lifetime access to Bret as your mentor taking the guesswork out of “where to start” and “what to do”.

Learn Where To Start

Take the mountain of information that is permaculture and get a clear step-by-step path forward.

Knowing where to start is as simple as having someone show you the information and tools needed to confidently begin using permaculture to live and be healthier and more sustainable.

You just need someone who has “been there” and “done that” to help get you to where you want to be.

And with that clarity – imagine how much faster your dream garden or homestead will become a reality?

Get Your PDC From Home With Less Time

You likely don’t have tons of free time to take 2+ weeks off work, travel to a on-site permaculture course, and learn it in depth.

As well, you likely don’t have the $3-4K that typically costs (course, travel, lodging and food), to take a permaculture design program.

With the HHA, you can learn at your own pace and from home, lessons are broken down into easily digestible 5-20 minute chunks.

  • Mistakenly thinking that you need to own land to practice permaculture
  • Mistakenly believing that you need tons of space to live regeneratively
  • Mistakenly thinking that you don’t have the time
  • The misconception that it takes lots of money to live sustainably
  • Incorrectly believing that learning permaculture design is complicated or overwhelming
  • That you are just not ready yet

In Reality:

  • Permaculture is best learned BEFORE having land so you can start out right!
  • Small space efficiency is fundamental in permaculture design!
  • Permaculture design gives you the exact system to know where to start!
  • Designing with permaculture actually can free up time!
  • The tools of permaculture teach you how to get more done with less – a key component to sustainability!
  • Learning permaculture design is EASY once you have a step-by-step system to follow and peer support
  • The truth is YOU ARE READY you just need to make the leap to overcome the fear and finally start living the life you want!

Change your life with permaculture

  • Learn the essentials of living, farming and gardening in harmony with the land
  • Find out how nature gives us all the tools we need to grow the best food
  • Learn how animals can create less work and restore the environment
  • Confidently design your homestead so that you can know exactly where to start
  • Discover the knowledge that the ancient people used to thrive
  • Find out how you can make a living with permaculture
  • Learn how you can harvest energy like rain and sun
  • Learn how natural building can create homes that need little heating or cooling

This program is perfect for YOU if you:

  • Dream of having your own homestead or farm lifestyle, even if in the city
  • Want to improve your health by growing and raising your own food
  • Desire to feel more connected with nature and the land
  • Want to learn ways of living that are in alignment with your soul
  • Dream of living more sustainably
  • Wish to help others and make an income being a permaculture consultant or designer
  • Want to provide the most secure and resilient life possible for you and your family
  • Need help and guidance learning all about soil, water, natural energies and more
  • Wish for a community of like-minded people to support and help you

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